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Several years ago we had a dream. We believed that through hard work, good service and honesty we could build our family a secure future in the Accommodation Industry. As time passed we did everything within our power to build the business. Hard work and long hours began to pay off and the business grow. We tried many forms of advertising and came to the conclusion that the Internet had been our single most profitable investment. Yet strangely every time we received a new bill for renewal of an advertising service, it seemed more and more costly to advertise in the same way as we had the year previously. Our advertising dollars seemed to buy less and less and the advertising bills became larger and larger.

Frustrated with the massive cost of advertising we came up with an idea that has grown so fast that we could not have foretold it's growth. In speaking with other business owners/operators about the cost of advertising, we found that they were also feeling the same frustrations as they watched their hard earned profits eaten away by high priced advertising. Thus, ECO Advertising was born. Originally a small local directory, it soon became state wide and is currently growing into a National Directory. This solid & rapid growth has proven that our idea of high quality advertising at a low cost can be a reality.

We have found great joy in hearing comments from the various accommodations owners/operators, of how they have received customers from our directory and from the Web Pages we have had the opportunity to build and promote. With the support of a lot of good business, this simple concept is flourishing.

We believe the founding Principle of small fees is critical to keeping this site one of the largest, most accurate and active site for this state. We will always strive to keep our fees small. We believe those of you who work in small businesses can appreciate this concept. We have much in common with our customers, as we have worked in the field and can appreciate the long hours it takes to keep a hospitality based business and this Internet business growing. We hope that we can continue to earn your respect by providing a high quality, low cost service. We are always interested in your comments and suggestions, so please feel free to write us.

Thank you for your support,

Ben & Tamar

ECO Advertising

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